NACVIEW Integration with MICROSENS switches

NAC - Network Access Control solutions rely on switch functionality to enforce access policies in the company network. When a device connects to a switch port, the switch communicates with the NAC system to determine whether the device is compliant with security policies. This is why switches play a crucial role in the NAC implementation in the customer environment. Among the required switch functionalities is the support of authentication mechanisms such as IEEE 802.1X and MAB (MAC Authentication Bypass) to provide access enforcement, as well as support of SNMP, and SSH to provide real-time monitoring.

Over the last few years, NACVIEW has been implemented in almost every industry. It allowed us to cooperate with a wide range of network devices’ suppliers. As an independent NAC vendor (not a manufacturer of a specific brand), we put a great effort into providing our customers with freedom of choice by letting them decide which switches best suit their needs and by creating integration and smooth support for all possible brands.

Recent implementations on the German market allowed us to configure NACVIEW with MICROSENS switches. MICROSENS is a popular supplier operating in four business areas: Enterprise Networks, Industrial Solutions, Optical Transmission, and Smart Building Solutions.

An example MICROSENS switch configuration can be found in the NACVIEW documentation at:


If you are looking for a switch configuration, please contact our support team or start a discussion on the NACVIEW Community.

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