The application included in every license with no additional cost


The NACVIEW Authenticator application aims to generate one-time unique codes for users to log in to the network. It is a very simple and convenient application, thanks to which you can be sure that unwanted users will not enter the network.


The codes generated by the NACVIEW Authenticator are most often used as the second component of network authorization, next to traditional logins and passwords. Because created codes are unique and one-time, this form of user identity verification significantly increases the level of security of the entire network.

VPN connection

NACVIEW Authenticator integrates with popular VPN solutions such as Pulse Secure, PaloAlto, Cisco and FortiGate. Thanks to the combination of these solutions and the implementation of two-factor authorization, remote logging into the corporate network are extremely well secured.


The NACVIEW system logs authorization events through VPN solutions. Thanks to this, the network administrator can view individual login attempts and their results (accept / reject). User also checks the exact time of the event and the IP of the device from which the user tried to log in.

NACVIEW Authenticator