Service companies face competitive pressures to innovate, provide convenient access to their services, and secure customer data.
Leakage of customer data can result in tremendous image losses, and the deprivation of intellectual property can result in financial losses.
Providing constant visibility, control and monitoring of equipment significantly reduces risk while helping to demonstrate compliance with adequate regulations.


Trade and service industry challenges

  • Protection of information containing company secrets
  • Providing quick and easy access to the network for clients and contractors
  • Counteracting unfair competition
  • Providing a safe and functional work environment
  • Securing your network against dangerous devices

End device posture overview

Control devices allowed into the corporate network. An essential element of security is a supervision over which devices have access to the company's network. With NACVIEW you can monitor them for software updates, firewall, up-to-date anti-virus, or running processes.

VPN configuration

Allow employees to remotely access the network and its resources. Currently, employees are very mobile, so it is necessary to provide them with constant access to the company's network and the systems working in it. NACVIEW enables automatic configuration of access parameters to VPN servers, thanks to which an employee can safely log into the company's resources.

Sponsored Guest Access

Give guests and contractors the ability to log into the network. A good and safe solution is Captive Portal, where visitors accept the regulations, provide their data and ask for the so-called sponsor (company employee) to approve access. This will eliminate unwanted and anonymous users on the guest network.

MDM integration

Prepare your network for the BYOD. Using private devices for business purposes has many advantages, but it can also expose the corporate network to a number of threats. Thanks to NACVIEW, you will receive information about devices connecting to the network, including: operating system version, installed applications, device owner.

Monitor the use of printer supplies

Control the level of consumption of printer supplies. Running out of toner or other supplies necessary for the proper functioning of the equipment is a mundane problem, but it can irritate and interfere with your operation. NACVIEW constantly monitors printer supplies and informs the administrator of an upcoming replacement so that work can be planned and intervened in advance.